Being outside the home is one of the most challenging situations to stay green. Driving your car, ordering coffee and living your day to day life has an impact on our planet. It’s easy to be swept up and forget that the little things we do add up and have a big impact on our planet. We’ve been doing the research into how we can reduce our impact on the environment. From changing your habits to which brands to try. Stick around to find out more!

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    Reusable vs Disposable Products: What To Choose

    There’s been a lot of focus in recent years on the need for consumers to choose reusable products over disposable ones. The most common one being disposable straws ending up in the ocean and damaging wildlife. While everyone wants to reduce the amount of damaging waste added into the environment, its naturally for us to have questions around product maintenance, life span and how easy these items are to use.We’re here to explain the differences between reusable and disposable, when it makes sense to use each product type, so you can make the right decision for you. What is a reusable product? Reusable products are items designed to be used multiple times,…

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    How To Make An Eco-Friendly Office

    We spend the vast majority of our time at work, whether that thought fills you with dread or not it stands to reason that if we’re trying to improve sustainability at home we should be doing it at work too. Whether you’re working in an office or self-employed looking to get your first office space, there are so many ways to make your workspace more sustainable and planet friendly. Plus, introducing eco-friendly practices at work not only helps the planet but can also create a healthier, more enjoyable work environment. Whether you already have sustainability policies to add on to or you’re just getting started here are some practical tips to help…

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     How to Be a Conscious Shopper When Buying Summer Clothes 

    Summer’s nearly here, and with it comes the urge to refresh your wardrobe with breezy, stylish pieces. But before you dive head first into the latest trends, let’s talk about how you can make more conscious choices while shopping for summer clothes. While it might not be possible to do all of these, whether because of access or budget, adopting one or two of these can help reduce your impact. If everyone approached summer or holiday clothes shopping in this way, the collective impact of these changes would be huge. If you’re going to be shopping for the warmer weather or holidays abroad we urge you to give some of these eco-friendly…

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    5 ways to beat ‘Blue Monday’

    If you’re feeling a little blue this January, then you aren’t on your own. With the highs of Christmas and new year well and truly over, January can be a blue time for many of us. On top of this, returning to work and the gloomy winter weather can have a real impact on our mental health. Blue Monday was first coined in 2005 by Sky Travel, claiming that the day is ‘the most depressing day of the year’. Usually taking place on the third Monday in January,  Although there is no scientific research to suggest that it is, in fact, the gloomiest day of the year, January as a whole can…

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    5 reasons to get outdoors this winter

    January is notorious for making you feel a bit down in the dumps. The excitement of the festive season has worn off and your wallet has likely taken a hit from the festivities in December. If this sounds like you, then January is the perfect time to go out and explore the outdoors. From leisurely walks, to free activities with the kids, there are so many fun things to enjoy in the great outdoors. 1. Helps alleviate stress Walking has been proven to help increase your productivity and alleviate stress. At this time of year, it can be easy to get bogged down with work or home life. Becoming stressed can happen…

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    7 eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions

    If you’re one of the many people making New Year’s resolutions, you may find that you’re struggling to stick to them. Many of us choose this time of year to make personal changes, whether it’s to be a bit healthier or take up a new hobby. However, starting the new year being more eco-friendly is an easy and achievable change you can make! Here are 10 eco-friendly resolutions you can try and hopefully, stick to! Upcycle Many of us know that reducing, reusing and recycling are some of the main ways we can be more eco-friendly. To help you get started, try starting the new year with a new hobby. Upcycling is…