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    Reusable vs Disposable Products: What To Choose

    There’s been a lot of focus in recent years on the need for consumers to choose reusable products over disposable ones. The most common one being disposable straws ending up in the ocean and damaging wildlife. While everyone wants to reduce the amount of damaging waste added into the environment, its naturally for us to have questions around product maintenance, life span and how easy these items are to use.We’re here to explain the differences between reusable and disposable, when it makes sense to use each product type, so you can make the right decision for you. What is a reusable product? Reusable products are items designed to be used multiple times,…

  • bright office space

    How To Make An Eco-Friendly Office

    We spend the vast majority of our time at work, whether that thought fills you with dread or not it stands to reason that if we’re trying to improve sustainability at home we should be doing it at work too. Whether you’re working in an office or self-employed looking to get your first office space, there are so many ways to make your workspace more sustainable and planet friendly. Plus, introducing eco-friendly practices at work not only helps the planet but can also create a healthier, more enjoyable work environment. Whether you already have sustainability policies to add on to or you’re just getting started here are some practical tips to help…

  • Save Water At Home

    7 Ways To Save Water At Home

    We’re feeling temperatures increase as summer gets closer and closer. What’s becoming more common each summer are water restrictions. It’s not uncommon now when the temperatures really climb to start seeing hose pipe bans and notifications to save water as much as possible. Even outside of these seasonal restrictions it’s important to think about how we can save water in our daily routines as part of trying to preserve this resource. It’s easier than you think to save water at home. Simple changes can make a significant difference over time, helping to save water and also save you money on your water bills. Here are some practical tips to help conserve water…

  • Eco Friendly Summer Clothes

     How to Be a Conscious Shopper When Buying Summer Clothes 

    Summer’s nearly here, and with it comes the urge to refresh your wardrobe with breezy, stylish pieces. But before you dive head first into the latest trends, let’s talk about how you can make more conscious choices while shopping for summer clothes. While it might not be possible to do all of these, whether because of access or budget, adopting one or two of these can help reduce your impact. If everyone approached summer or holiday clothes shopping in this way, the collective impact of these changes would be huge. If you’re going to be shopping for the warmer weather or holidays abroad we urge you to give some of these eco-friendly…

  • Eco Friendly Spring Cleaning

    9 Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

    Spring cleaning— whether you love it or hate it, the time for giving everything a clean and airing out the house comes around every year and 2024 is no exception. It can feel overwhelming but there are small things you can do each day to gradually work your way through your home and get everything clean ready for the warmer and brighter days. 1. Clean With Baking Soda Scrub Baking soda is a versatile and low-cost cleaning agent that can tackle tough grime without harsh chemicals. Make a simple baking soda paste by mixing it with water, and use it to scrub sinks, tubs, and tile grout. This natural abrasive will leave…

  • Eco Friendly Kitchen Habits

    7 Easy Steps to Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

    If you’re feeling a little guilty about your kitchen’s impact on the environment, you aren’t alone. The kitchen, with its constant stream of packaging, food waste, and energy consumption, can be a significant contributor to our ecological footprint. But fear not! With a few mindful changes, you can transform your kitchen into a zero-waste haven, doing your part to save the planet while creating a greener space for yourself. Here are some easy ways to make your kitchen more eco-friendly and sustainable. 1. Mindful Shopping The journey to a zero-waste kitchen begins at the shop. Embrace the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle” by opting for products with minimal packaging. Bring your own…